Natural Parks and Harvest in the Douro – 6 Days


Day 1

Porto – Soajo – Tourém – 200 Km

On this first day we will introduce you to the Natural Park of Peneda-Gerês. It is a world apart in whichparque-nacional-peneda human activity and nature are harmoniously integrated, preserving ancient values and traditions clearly evident in the village communities of Pitões das Júnias and Tourém. The lush vegetation in all shades of green includes a forest of holly, the only one in Portugal, and endemic species such as the Gerês lily, which brightens up the fields with its shades of violet-blue. Rivers and streams flow through the Peneda, Soajo, Amarela and Gerês mountain ranges, which comprise the park, rushing down in waterfalls and then spreading out into reservoirs. The landscapes are breathtaking and the roads are fantastic for riding a bike.

Day 2

Montalegre – Montesinho

montesinho2049a-e1487100601101We will leave Gerês in the direction of the Natural Park of Montesinho. The green landscape will give way to a more rugged landscape of the Northeast of Portugal. Throughout the Park one senses an intense rural atmosphere, expressed in the villages where the traditional slate or granite houses merge with the landscape itself. Sometimes one can hardly sense the presence of these houses, given the perfect harmony between man and nature. The Park’s landscape is characterized by gentle rolling hills and rounded rocky outcrops, complemented by valleys where rivers flow between poplars, alders, willows and large woodlands of black oak, chestnut trees and holm-oaks. The gastronomy of this region will be a highlight on our tour along with the magnificent roads.

Day 3

Montesinho – Freixo Espada à Cinta

Douro-internacionalFreixo de Espada à Cinta is located in the Douro demarcated wine region, this part of the country is particularly beautiful in the spring when the almond-trees are in blossom and in autumn when the vines begin to lose their green tone and turn into a tinted purple. An excellent view of the landscape can be enjoyed from the top of Penedo Durão, from where it is possible to see over an area that stretches well beyond the Spanish border. Freixo de Espada à Cinta is part of the Douro International Natural Park. From here, depart cruises that go up this spectacular part of the river until Spain. The steep banks of the deep valley from highly spectacular and monumental ravines in which various bird species that are endangered at the national and international level build their nests, which are undoubtedly also attracted by the proximity of farming and cattle raising units, where it is easy to locate and obtain sources of nourishment. The endangered species include the Egyptian vulture or Britango, which has been chosen as the symbol of this power. Inserted in the tour we will do a cruise in the International Douro where we will be able to observe all this spectacularly.

Day 4

Freixo Espada à Cinta – Sabrosa

N222After the cruise, we will leave Freixo towards the Douro Valley which could as easily be called the enchanted valley, such is the beauty and magic that its landscapes offer. The Douro Wine Region Valley, is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. First, the river carved the deep valleys out of the land and then Man transformed the schist mountains into soil and walls and planted the vines, green in summer, flame-coloured in autumn. With knowledge handed down from generation to generation, he inclined the terraces to expose the vines to the rays of the sun which give the grapes the warmth that the wine craves. It was from the fruits of the land and Man’s labour that this unique wine and landscape were made. In this region we will walk along the famous N222 road, considered by many to be one of the best in the world for motorcycle or car trips.

Day 5

Day to enjoy in a producing Port Wine Quinta

 Descrição da Quinta e das Actividades (a definir)

Day 6

Sabrosa – Porto

Peso-da-Regua-750x422On returning to Porto, we will continue along roads to border the wonderful banks of the Douro. On this route, a stop is required in the city of Régua. Situated on the banks of the River Douro, Peso da Régua played a fundamental role in the production and sale of Port wine, for it was from here that the barrels were transported in the special boats known as barcos rabelos to Vila Nova de Gaia, where the wine was left to age in the local wine lodges. Close to Régua, and in the vicinity of the village of Poiares, there is the São Leonardo da Galafura viewpoint. The landscape below encompasses both the Douro valley and the Serra do Marão and was described by writer Miguel Torga as geological poetry. A great place to say goodbye to the Douro and start the final return of our tour.


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